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At its core, Wise Tree is about:

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Senior Staff

Yvonne Kjorlien, M.A. is Wise Tree’s Principal Writer & Editor. She is a former archaeologist with 15 years of consulting experience. Yvonne is an author of both fiction and non-­‐fiction publications. The Reluctant Archaeologist blog is a platform that bi-weekly highlights Yvonne’s creative talents.

Selected Publications

Lock, J., Kjorlien, Y., Tweedie, G., Dressler, R., Eaton, S.E., & Spring, E. (2019; submitted) Advancing the Writing of Academics: Stories from the Writing Group. In Critical Collaboration Communities: Academic Writing Partnerships, Groups, and Retreats, edited by N. Simmons, pp. XX-XX. Sense Publications, XXX. ,

Lock. J., Wilcox, G., Kjorlien, Y. (2017) Self-Care, Health and Well-Being in the Academy. Journal of Educational Thought 50 (2 & 3): 78-79.

Kjorlien, Y., (2017). Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist: A Novel. Print version. Amazon CreateSpace.

Kjorlien, Y., (2013). Rule Number Four. Smashwords.

Kjorlien, Y., (2011). Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist: A Novel. e-book version. Smashwords.

Kjorlien, Y., (2010). Flight of Being. In Treasures Along the Fenceline, edited by J. Baxter and D. Smith.

Kjorlien, Y., Beattie, O., Peterson, A. (2009). Scavenging activity can produce predictable patterns in surface skeletal remains scattering: Observations and comments from two experiments. Forensic Science International. Vol. 188 (1): 103-106.

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